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Bringing material that is relevant for interpersonal communication success and rapport building opportunities
to your organization and/or employees.  
Need a speaker for a conference, convention, training classroom, or dinner banquet, Dr. Rhoads or one of his associates is available to assist you.  Want to have an hypnosis demonstration at your organizational gathering, Dr. Rhoads can provide either a comical one or serious one depending on your desires.
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) Barrelman

One might wonder what being a clown has to do with communication, but the showmanship and audience skills necessary to entertain crowds at rodeo events around this nation give me a unique perspective on bringing appropriate humor to my presentations that capture an individual's attention while providing critical information and insights in an enjoyable and lively fashion. 

Public Speaker and Presenter

need help with communication skills. we have an answer.

Beyond The Box

We strongly believe in delivering innovative programs to your organization that will assist in meeting your goals and objectives through successful communication skills and the ability to better evaluate the verbal and non-verbal messages present during interaction.