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Who Has Helped Me.

NO ONE accomplishes much without the help of others who take the time and effort to give a push, a word of encouragement, or who were just there when they needed to be.  My list would fill up this entire web site but there are some individuals who I have to give special credit for my success.  First always will be God, who has strengthened me and walked beside me every step of the way.  More humanly, S/A Ronald Catanese, DEA, Retired; SAC Tony Wilson, DEA,  Retired; S/A Ronald Hollingshead, DEA, Retired; Roger Solomon, Ph.D., Mayor Ann Prater, East Hazel Crest; Mr. Ray Cox, Lazy C Rodeo,  Cpt Butch Milan, LSP, Retired, Charlie Fuller, ATF, Retired, Tim Rutledge, MBN, Retired; the staffs at RCTA and MCTC; S/A Bruce Upchurch, DEA, Retired,  and  especially my boys, Dan and Tim.   I owe so many people so much. 

In Memoriam

S/A Stephen Combs, Drug Enforcement Administration, Retired

Stephen was the class coordinator at a DEA two-week basic narcotic officers course  in October of 1978 when one of the schedule instructors

failed to appear.  He asked me if I would give a four-hour block of instruction on my research and when the students gave rave reviews promised

he would "put me on the circuit and make a star out of me."  True to his word, I spent the next 22 years teaching for DEA both nationally

and internationally.  He was truly a blessing in my life.  His life was cut short after a loosing battle with cancer.

Dr. Douglas Long,  Educator, High School Principal and School Superintendent

Doug was instrumental in assisting me in putting together very specific programs for school personnel, was a great instructor for my company, my flying partner, and a dear

 friend.  His life was tragically cut short when he and his wife were killed by a drunk driver while coming home from a school function.  He will always be missed.

Dr. Eugene Southwell, Ph.D., Psychologist and Teaching Partner

Gene was a dear friend who encouraged and assisted me in  fulfilling my dream of completing my degree programs, assisted my agency as a police psychologist, taught for me, and was always there when I needed someone to talk with.  No one could ask for a better mentor or friend.  He succumbed to cancer. 

about  ME

WhoI am

 Chief Steven A. Rhoads is undeniably one of the leading internationally recognized experts in the field of Interview and Interrogation, Subconscious Communication┬« and Body Language. An acknowledged leader in the law enforcement community he has served on several committees at the International, State and Local level. He is a certified police instructor in 17 States and has presented his material to agencies in all 50 states, every federal law enforcement agency and students from 67 foreign countries. Dr. Rhoads has served as an expert witness in court proceedings concerning these topics and the use of force by police officers in both state and federal court.

Rhoads has been recognized for solving many major felony crimes in several differing jurisdictions, including Senate Resolutions in the States of Mississippi and Illinois, using his Subconscious Communication┬« techniques. Chief Rhoads is a 3-time recipient of the Medal of Valor and numerous other awards and commendations. His techniques and successful application of these theories have been featured on television and in newspapers throughout the US.   He has served as a consultant to the "Montel" show, NBC and FOX television and has been featured in articles in the Chicago Tribune, Washington Times, Women's World Magazine and several other television programs most recently, "On the Case with Paula Zahn." 

His doctoral degree in Behavioral Science allows him to bring an educational basis and scientific application to the courses he offers and working as a police officer, detective and police chief for the past 40 years,  real world experience to the classroom.

Steven A. Rhoads is an instrument rated pilot, advanced scuba diver, amateur magician and PRCA professional rodeo clown.