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Center for Advanced Technical Law Enforcement Training, inc

I have partnered with Mr. Bruce Upchurch and the cadre of some of the most qualified experts and presenters in the field today in order to bring professional material to our students that are beyond my scope and knowledge.  Bruce has truly assembled the best of the best for training your department or personnel.  Click on the logo to go to their website www.catlet.org

Subconscious Communication®​ for Systematic Interviewing

Our three day program is designed for non-law enforcement personnel who need to develop or polish their interview skills when

attempting  to gather information in a non-coercive manner in order to resolve allegations of misconduct or criminal misdeeds.

Subconscious Communication® for Interview and Interrogation

This law enforcement only course is designed specifically to meet the challenges facing the criminal justice interviewer in taking advantage of the observation of behavior and the subconscious defenses used by suspects and victims in order to gain the truth in resolving matters under criminal investigation.  The processes of interview and interrogation are defined for use by the investigator

Subconscious Communication® for Detecting Danger

​Designed primarily for law enforcement only, this one-three program identifies the verbal and non-verbal clues that are most

commonly present prior to person acting out in a violent manner.  For more information click on the logo to go to our web site

dedicated to this course.  www.detectingdanger.com

Subconscious Communication® for Detecting Deception

This one-three day program is designed for ANYONE who wishes to learn more about the science of detecting deception

and develop skills to recognize the verbal an non-verbal indicators that are present when someone is being deceptive.

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